Soldiers' Arts Academy c.i.c.

The Soldiers’ Arts Academy CIC provides a platform for the arts for veterans injured during their time in service.

It provides training in all aspects of the performance arts including theatre, film, dance, art, poetry and music and stages performances and exhibitions involving trained industry professionals. The aim is to increase the self confidence and self esteem of participants and to help them to recover, to transition back into the community and to find work in the performing arts and beyond. It also runs educational workshops in schools nationwide where veterans perform and work with students of all ages. 


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How the stage saved a soldier

A short film by: 'Jamie Isbell' featuring Shaun Johnson and his journey of transition and recovery through acting

Bafta Charity Film Awards nomination link image


A short film Commissioned by the NHS for Health professionals as a guide to the


'Veterans Covenant'  


Veterans should receive priority treatment which relates to a condition which results from this service in the Armed Forces, subject to Clinical need. 
Veterans should be able to access services with health professionals who have an understanding of Armed Forces culture. 


Shaun Johnson - Richard 3
Suzy Whitfield - Anne

Director Yorgo Lykouria
DOP  zoran Veljkovic
Producer Amanda Faber

Production Assistant
Arthur Attenborough

Camera assistant