By coming to this page it shows that you care about our armed forces and veterans and we really appreciate you visiting our website. 


Our long term goal is to leave behind a legacy for future generations of our armed forces. To open up new avenues for them whilst they transition into civilian life from the military.


Through drama, music and the arts. We help veterans to recover from post traumatic experiences and give them hope and bring them together as a company of marvelous and talented individuals that they are. 

By releasing and developing that untapped talent it gives them a sense self worth and pride again and stops the overwhelming feeling of isolation that many of our veterans feel today when leaving the armed forces.

Funding is crucial to the ongoing development of The Soldiers' Arts Academy c.i.c  every year it gets increasingly harder to find funding through military charities, so we have decided to start this crowd funding page in the hope of generating extra funds so we can continue to provide the most comprehensive help, support and training we can.


Our short term aim is to find funding for the ongoing development of  'Soldier On' a play by Jonathan Guy Lewis and the running and production costs of putting on the play this summer in a theatre.

Also to fund 'Dummy Trench Charlie' a play by Harry Parker which will be going into development by the end of the year 2017 (Tbc)


Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope to see you at one of our shows in the future.  Any donation however big or small will help greatly and is appreciated immensely.

From everyone at The Soldiers' Arts Academy

Thank you.