Tony Scott

Tony Scott is an ex-Soldier who served for over fourteen years. Early on in his career he was badly burned and although he continued serving he suffered from pain from his injuries and later on developed mental health problems that severely put obstacles in his way in his army career.


On leaving, he was quickly drifting from job to job finding himself often homeless. He eventually found accommodation at Mike Jackson House in Aldershot a place for ex-Service personnel and from there to his own accommodation and paid work at the Poppy Factory making wreaths.


Due to his mental health condition now diagnosed as bi-polar, he found it a struggle to keep focused and so he took up a hobby to help him relax. That hobby is photography. Tony finds walking and the concentration he needs while taking and looking for a photograph helps him to cope with his bipolar. He in his own words an enthusiastic amateur and that’s fine with him because it gives him the reason to get up in the morning.