Hayley Thompson

 Hayley left school at sixteen and trained as a Jockey at the British Racing School Newmarket. Then moving on to join the Royal Army Medical Corps, and was described as an exemplary soldier, in both her medical training and physical training. Hayley was awarded for her outstanding athletics contributions and was presented with the award for the best recruit at physical exercise.


Hayley was medically discharged following an injury and found it difficult to adjust to civilian life, without the routine and structure of the Armed Forces. Hayley has completed training in Midwifery, Psychology and Mental Health Nursing, finding her passion in caring for young children who have experienced severe trauma and making a positive impact on their life.


Hayley first found her love of performing as a child, training in Ballet, Tap, Modern and gymnastics to a high standard. Hayley has performed in theatre, TV and Film. Hayley feels honoured to be part of the Soldiers Arts Academy.